Growl Pew Pew!

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Project Background: Game Jam AEEI – UQAC
Genres: Sport / Shoot-em-up 
Development Time: 48 h
Team Members: Michaël Guérette, Mathieu Lapierre, François Potvin Naud, Véronique Godin
Game Engine:  Custom engine using SDL
Platforms: Windows
Language: C++
Prize: First Place

Concept :

Action/platformer game where the player play as a Polar Bear Ninja using projectiles (shurikens, bombs and cupcakes) and some ninja powers (all log-based) to defeat the member of the opposing team and to capture their flag as often as possible.


  • Only 48 hours to design and develop the game
  • One artist and three programmers
  • We had to integrate a theme and two genres into the design, chosen randomly

Personal realisation:

  • Enemies movements and AI
  • Implementing special powers
  • Drawing the special powers and the flags
  • Display and general coding of the enemies’ tongues

Instructions :

A: Running to the left
D: Running to the right
Mouse: Aiming
Left mouse button: Shooting
Right mouse button: Use a special power
1,2,3: Change weapon
Z,X,C: Change special power


Windows Prototype: (22.6 MB)

Visual Studio Redistributables (if the game doesn’t work, try installing those): Visual C++ 2010 (10.3 MB)