Space Morons

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Project Background : UQAC : Cours d’Atelier de production II (Production Workshop Class II)
Genre : Multiplayer Third Person Shooter
Duration :  January 2013 to April 2013
Team Members
– Programmer : Marc-Olivier Beaupré, Mathieu Lapierre, Michael Guërette, François Potvin Naud, Alexandre Duperré-Tremblay
– Designers and artists : Gabriel Gagné-Rivard, Emmanuel Métivier, Jérôme Cyr, Jasmin Guimont, Zikria Amiri, Morgane Ravasi, Kevin Nguyen, Benjamin Jacquin, François Philippe Lamirande-Gauvin, Olivier Gauvin, Mathieu Pinsonneault, Marc-Antoine Proulx
– Sounds : Guillaume Gervais, Jeremie Locas, Bathio-Alexandre Diarra
– Music : Ophélie Gingras

Game Engine :  Unreal Development Kit (UE3 version)
Language : UnrealScript
Platforms : Windows, Mac

Concept :

Space Morons is a Third Person Shooter game played in teams of 6. The players of a team have to capture three locations to gather resources and do all they can do to prevent the other team to do the same. These three locations each fills one resource meter, and a team wins when all three of its meters are full. Teamwork is mandatory. To help them, they have to choose their equipments with care. They can do so once before the game starts, and each times they are killed. They have four kinds of gear: Guns, Shields, Motors (some kind of jetpack) and Grenades. The level is a big field of debris and asteroids. As there is no gravity, the players can move freely using 6 axis. The theme of the game does not take itself seriously, and even parody the very famous “Space Marines” who seem to be the heros of every space shooters that came out in recent years.

Constraints :

  • Working with the artists and designers from a long distance (Chicoutimi-Montreal)
  • Less than 4 month to make the game
  • A big part of the team had never used the game engine before
  • Had to plan a weekly 15 hours schedule (minimum) around a regular full-time college schedule and a part-time job.

Personal realisation :

  • Camera movements
  • Zoom, speed effects (camera lag and shaking)
  • Characters movements (rewriting the UDK system) and no-gravity physics
  • Adding new degrees of liberty to movements (all-around rotations)
  • Managing the Motors and how they change the controls
  • Scaleform interfaces, creating the SWF files and implementing the UnrealScript code to make them work smoothly (Gear menus and game HUD)

Download :

Windows Prototype: Space_Morons.exe (572.5 MB)

Player Manual: How_to_play_Space_Morons.pdf (4.2 MB)



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