Project Background: Animation class
Genre: Tech Demo
Development Time: Three weeks (~5h/week)
Team Members: Vincent Marmen, François Potvin Naud
Developed With:  X-Code
Platforms: MAC
Language: C/C++

Description :

Simple tech demo demonstrating my ability to develop a spring-mass system using GPGPU programming. A small cube fall on a plane, bouncing of it and generally move like a cube made of Jell-O. Everything is calculated using custom shaders. Our Team used the “XP-Programming” philosophy for this project.


  • Platform MAC, using X-Code
  • All the processing is done on the GPU using OpenGL shader programming
  • Very little time to do this project (only one day per week, during the last month of my last year of University)

Personal realisation:

  • Creating the cube and integrating all the external forces (gravity and more)
  • Keyboard operator for the XP-Programming  team
  • Implementing the collisions with the plane
  • Calculating the position of each vertex in the Shader
  • General debugging
  • Adjusting the values in the equations calculating the forces affecting each vertex (mainly the Hooke constant and the “h”)


MAC source code (with the PDF given to the teacher explaining our work, French only): (1.2 MB)