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Project Background: Game Jam AEEI – UQAC
Genres: Tower Defense / RPG
Duration: 48 h
Team Members: Michaël Guérette, Mathieu Lapierre, François Potvin Naud, Véronique Godin
Game engine:  Custom engine using SDL
Platforms: Windows
Language: C++
Prize: Best Artistic Direction


Small tower Defense game loosely based on Plant vs Zombies where you need to place robots on a field to stop the opposing team to score goals. Unlike Plant vs Zombies, you have to move some of your robots around of face defeat as your resources are quite slim. Each robots and enemies have unique abilities, making quick thinking very important. If the player don’t constantly change his strategies, victory will be lost.


  • only 48 hours to design and develop the game
  • One artist, two programmers and one dual-classed artist/programmer
  • We had to integrate two themes (Anachronism and Academia) and two genres into the design, chosen randomly

Personal realisation:

  • “Cleaning” the art assets and creating the sprite sheets
  • Designing the interface and the home menu
  • Writing the story and instructions
  • Designing the false ads and the university logo
  • Laser physics


Windows Prototype: (26.5 MB)

Visual Studio Redistributables (if the game doesn’t work, try installing those): Visual C++ 2010 (10.3 MB)