Project Background: Multimedia class
Genre: Mobile Application
Development Time: Approx. 2 days
Team Members: Michaël Guérette, Mathieu Lapierre, François Potvin Naud
Developed with:  Eclipse
Platforms : Android
Language : Java

Description :

Small Android application letting the user register an audio recording on the external memory (usually an SD card) and to give it a small text description. The user have to name the note (this doesn’t change the filename, which is generated and always unique). All the informations related to the memo is stored in a SQLite database. This allows the user to search quickly a particular note among all the one he made using that application.


  • We had to do it on Android
  • The user had to be able to listen to previous memos
  • The user had to be able to do a search using keywords
  • The user had to be able to write a small text description paired with the note

Personal realisation:

  • Programmed and designed the Interface and managed the two Activities
  • Made or found the visual assets
  • Managing the progress bar and making sure it was directly replicating the sound player position in the audio file and enabling the user to go directly to a certain point by sliding the cursor


Android package: VocalNote.zip (190 KB)