Map Memory – Prototype

Sample screen. The map WILL be different when run.

Sample screen. The map WILL be different when run.

Project Background: Personal
Genre: Prototype
Duration: 2 weeks (~8 hours)
Team Members: François Potvin Naud (alone)
Développé avec :  Visual Studio 2010
Platforms: Windows
Language : C/C++


Prototype made using the “Pew Pew Engine” developed by my friends during our Game Jams. Try to demonstrate the feasibility and usefulness of a system to “regenerate” some parts of the map of an exploration game. More time pass between visits of a specific place (called “chunk” in the code) by the player, the more changes are applied to it. This use real time, not in-game time. This could help the game world to feel more alive, making it evolve through time. Even if this prototype is too simple to prove that last hypothesis, it shows that it can be done in a reasonable time frame, on the condition that the game systems are ready for it, by loading the map only by chunks close to the player and by having clearly defined environment objects. The system still needs optimisation, and refactoring some elements would be necessary (like using a “State machine” or a “Strategy” pattern for the generation/regeneration of the chunks).


  • SDL encapsulated in a custom engine created by friends during Game Jams
  • Very little experience with the custom engine
  • The engine used is not optimised at all and had some memory leaks
  • Using a third party library for the parsing of the JSON files, chosen for its ease of use
  • The engine wasn’t ready for this kind of map generation/loading
  • The engine was created for very small game map, usually made from only one static background picture

Personal realisation :

  • Correcting the memory leaks
  • Complete redesign of the file parsing system to use the JSON library
  • Complete redesign of the system loading the game map
  • Creating a new system for saving the generated map
  • Creating a new system to calculate/draw only the objects/chunks close to the player


Windows runnable: (10.0 MB)

Source code: (26.7 MB)


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