The Butcher’s Daughter

screenlvl1-v0-1Project Background : Personal
Type: Prototype (Pre-Pre-Alpha)
Duration : (~25 hours)
Team Members : François Potvin Naud (alone)
Game Engine :  Unity 4.3 (2D engine)
Platforms : Windows/Web
Language : C#

Description :

Small “Art Game” inspired by an indie song from a small band from Montreal. Everything is hand drawn.

The visuals use Unity 4.3 2D system combined with a plugin adding the possibility to attach sprites to 2D skeletons, like if it was a 3D mesh. Using that skeleton gave me to possibility to use the Unity Mecanim system and its blend trees.

Constraints :

  • Skeleton/Bones animation system in a 2D world
  • False top-down perspective with front faced characters.
  • Working with very limited controls
  • If it was a full game, the story would be wordless
  • Hand Drawn assets

Personal realization :

  • Scripts (FSM, Depths depending on y position, analog controls w/ blend tree)
  • Visuals
  • Animations (“Blend trees”, “bones” plugin)

Downloads :

Web Player: La Fille du Boucher – Prototype Jouable v0.2a

Windows : (8.5 MB) v0.1a


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