Leap of Fate

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Project Background : Clever-Plays Studio
Genre : Rogue-lite, Hack and Slash, Twin-Stick Shooter
Duration :  October 2014 to February 2016
Team Members : Variable. (Around 4 to 6 core team members at all time)
Post : Game Programmer
Game Engine :  Unity3D (4.3 to 5.2)
Language : C#
Platforms : PC (Steam), iOS

Concept :

Leap of Fate is a rogue-lite with a unique blend of hack-and-slash, cyberpunk, and card mechanics. In this frantically fast action game, you play as a technomancer who shadow-walks through hordes of enemies and blasts them to pieces using powerful spells. You must confront the Deck of Fate, a magical tarot deck that makes you face a twisted version of your own existence. Grow your magic, survive this rite of passage, and prove you are the most powerful mage alive.

Constraints :

  • Working on a dual platform game (PC and iOS)
  • Very small team for the scope of the project
  • First game as a team

Personal realization :

  • UI programming
  • Sounds/Musics Integration
  • Video Playback system
  • Data Analytics system
  • Special cards (Gold/Traps/others)
  • Unlockable Features and other game systems
  • Expending Plugins to adapt them for the team’s needs
  • Microtransaction Backend (iOS, Not in the final game)
  • Community Management

Currently Released Platforms :

Windows (Steam) : Store Page



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