Project Boo (WIP)

Project Background : Personal
Genre: Puzzle
Duration : April 25th 2016 to N/A (work in progress)
Team Members : François Potvin Naud (alone)
Game Engine : Unity3D (5.3.4)
Platforms :  iOS/Android/PC(?)
Language : C#

Description :

Small personal project. The player control a ghost interacting with the environment to create fear in the NPCs of a level. The score is the total of the “fear” level of all living NPCs and some bonus points (eg: maxing a NPC’s fear give one bonus point).

“Click” on something to interact (touch screen compatible)
“Page Up/Down” to cycle between levels
“Home” to reload level
“End” to go to Debug Level with all current elements

Constraints :

  • Very limited time and resources
  • No external aid

Personal realization :

  • AI that react to certain environmental stimulus
  • AI using a Finite State Machine
  • Using object Interfaces (C#)
  • Each modules is made to be mostly generic and independent
  • Weak coupling by messaging systems (Mediator)
  • Made most of the content by myself (Art, Code)

Downloads :

Windows : Project Boo (WIP).zip (65.9 MB)

Source Code : Project Boo SRC (WIP).zip (67.4 MB)
Project Boo SRC (Code only).zip (54 KB)


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