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Name: François Potvin Naud
City: Montreal
Major assets: Creativity, autonomy, humor.
Work interest: Video Game Industry (programmer)
Tools of the trade: Unity, UDK, SDL
Languages: C/C++/C#, UnrealScript, Java, HTML
Other tools: SVN, Git, Perforce

As a game programmer, I have a good grasp on useful design patterns and general programming knowledge. My good humor, positive and easygoing attitude make me great at teamwork. For my last job, I even went to events like PAX Prime and TwitchCon to help present a game demo. As I also studied arts a bit, it is easier for me to work with artists. As for hobbies outside of videogames, I love to keep tag on the game industry sales and trends, play board games and create things (cooking, crafts, clock-making).

Valuable skills :

  • More than one year of professional experience
  • Interface programming
  • System programming
  • Multiplatform plugin integration in Unity
  • Data analytics system integration
  • Back end system integration (iOS in-app purchase)




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